Carolina Apolonia

My work reflects my intimate world. Often I construct abstract versions of rooms, buildings, and cities that mirror my dreams and fears. Some of them relate to memories I have, people in my past or people around me. Yet others deal with my needs for protection, my fear of being locked in or shut out and my fascination with visible and invisible boundaries. I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space.
My work is about finding refuge, and freedom

I take my inspiration from the everyday rhythms in life; how we move, interact, build, love and heal.
And I’m fascinated by shelters and things that fly. 

When I was six years old, I learned to sew. This love for textile techniques constitutes an important aspect of my jewellery practice. I am drawn to its time-consuming, repetitive and meditative nature: it forces me to slow down and it gives me a sense of freedom: that I can use the needle to build, connect and repair anything.